About B.M.R. Manufacturing Inc.

Your Trusted Sign Manufacturing Company in Campbellford

B.M.R. Manufacturing Inc. was established in 1972 to supply parts to the school bus industry in Canada. We recognized the need for improved school bus safety systems and in 1982, began to manufacture our own design of Stop Arms and Crossing Gates. These are made at our plant in Campbellford, together with a wide range of safety systems and high-visibility traffic signage

  • Make high-quality signage products that meet and exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Enhance school bus safety through the design and production of innovative safety signage systems.
  • Be a leading provider of safety signage solutions in North America, continuously innovating to improve the performance and reliability of our products.
B.M.R. Quality

B.M.R. Manufacturing Inc. School Bus Safety Products are manufactured in North America to meet U.S. and Canadian regulations, and environmental conditions. We have a skilled, stable, and dedicated workforce who take pride in delivering a high quality safety signage products with an emphasis on performance and reliability.

We are proud of our reputation for delivering a proven high quality safety signage products, at a very competitive price. We invest in innovative safety solutions. Our Safety Signage Products are built in North America, engineered to function under all operating conditions, and meet or exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Our Safety Signage Systems Are Built Without Compromise
  • All fasteners are stainless steel.
  • Housings are constructed from durable weatherproof materials designed for performance under the harshest climatic conditions.
  • Wiring harnesses are made with multi-strand cable for maximum flexibility and to eliminate stress failure throughout the life of the system.
  • All bearings are oversized sealed bronze lubricated for life.
  • Electric Stop Arm and Crossing Arms are protected by our patented Breakaway Linkage Arm, and feature the innovative patented Torque Guard™ Drive system.
B.M.R. Manufacturing Inc. Design And Innovation

B.M.R. Manufacturing Inc. has a policy of continuous improvement. Our Safety Signage Products are constantly reviewed, and improvements are introduced to enhance their performance and reliability, and to make good systems even better.

Our electric Stop Arm and Crossing Arm mechanisms incorporate a breakaway linkage arm designed to prevent damage to the drive mechanism if force is applied to the crossing gate. The unique B.M.R. gate pivot mechanism employs a stainless steel 1/2 inch 2-point drive shaft which eliminates the alignment problems associated with separate top and bottom bearings.

Remote electronic control ensures a more reliable system. BMR design moves the sensitive components from the danger zone and puts them safely inside the bus.

B.M.R. Manufacturing Systems

The B.M.R. plant in Campbellford is staffed and equipped to manufacture the full range of Safety Signage Products we supply. This ensures rapid turn-around on orders, excellent service, and superior product support.