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Traffic calming devices are used to do just as they are described, to “calm traffic.” Items in this category can include flashing lights, traffic cones and barrels, barricades, radar speed signs, and speed bumps. These are just some of the more common items.

The utilization of these traffic calming measures makes humans a priority over vehicles. These devices are placed to inform drivers to reduce their speed which improves their compliance with the posted speed limit signs. Reduced speeds have proven to help decrease the severity of injuries and fatalities if an accident occurs.

At B.M.R. Mfg. Inc., we recognize the need to continuously improve road safety, and our goal is to provide a wide range of safety systems and high-visibility traffic signage. Keep reading to know about these calming traffic measures.

Traffic calming devices are widely used in areas where traffic needs to be redirected, or driving habits in the area may need to change. Ideally, these products not only assist the municipality where they are posted, but they can also assist temporary construction, schools, and drivers. Maybe you’re trying to alert drivers to a newly posted speed limit, or you’re installing a new bike lane. Either way, we have products that are right for you and your unique situation.

Traffic calming devices are usually used in addition to currently posted signage as a way of highlighting to drivers what has changed. This helps in reducing the chance of a collision with other road users.

Traffic calming devices usually come in high-tech and low-tech categories, but in case you have a limited budget, there are many affordable options to choose from. Give a call to our sales staff today to discuss your requirements!

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