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B.M.R. Manufacturing Inc.



School Bus Stop Arm Systems Include:

B.M.R. Vacuum Stop Arms

Vacuum Operated Stop Arms

  • May be employed when the bus has a vacuum supply, or with the use of an optional
    vacuum pump.
  • Easy 60-minute installation, proven reliability, low maintenance, few moving parts.

B.M.R. Air Stop Arms

Air Actuated Stop Arms

  • May be used when the bus has an air supply source, or with the installation of an
    optional air pump.
  • Easy 60-minute installation, low maintenance with few moving parts, built for
    years of reliability.

B.M.R. Electric Stop Arms

Electrical Stop Arms

  • Built for reliability with the patented Breakaway Linkage Arm and Torque Guard™
  • Featuring a 2-year motor warranty. Easy to install, few moving parts, proven reliability,
    low maintenance.

B.M.R. Stop Blades

  • All B.M.R. Stop Blades are made from 0.080" tempered aluminum for light weight,
    strength, and durability.
  • B.M.R. Stop Arms feature 3M Scotchlite™ Sheeting for maximum visibility in all conditions.
  • B.M.R. is a 3M™ qualified fabricator.