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TC-FHR "Fire Hydrant Reflector"


Preview pictures of what the reflectors look like during the day and night!

See our Volunteer Fire Department member, Brain Buchanan, installing the TC-FHRB on the Fire Hydrant below.  Less than 1 minute to install both reflectors on a single Fire Hydrant.

Watch a night time drive-by of the Fire Hydrants after the TC-FHR's have been installed


- Created using HDPE UV Resistant Poly - Long Lasting, Durable, and Circular design allowing for no sharp edges to be caught on clothing or gloves.

- Innovative Design allows for easy installation - simply remove the cap, slide the reflector on, and replace the cap.  Takes less than a minute to install 2 markers on 1 Fire Hydrant.

- 3M High Intensity Vinyl used on all of our reflectors - 3M's vinyls are an industry standard allowing for high visibility, and reflection that will last for years to come!


Competitively Priced - Contact Us Today for pricing!

- Assembled right here by our staff members in Campbellford, ON.

- Available in an assortment of colours - Red, Orange, Blue and Green (Standard NFPA 291 Colours)

- No minimum or maximum to buy

- Free printing* and free shipping on any order over 500 units

- Quantity discounts are available starting at as few as 100 units - contact us for details!

*Free Printing includes either Black or White 3M UV Resistant Inks to be applied. 

Multi-Coloured Digital Printing is also available on a clear decal to be applied to the reflectors - pricing for Multi-Coloured Digital Prints will be quoted when requested.


The B.M.R. Hydrant Reflector (TC-FHR) allows for ease and effectiveness of locating Fire Hydrants, not only at night, but during inclement weather in Trent Hills.  With the Hydrant Reflector, the hydrant and its flow rate colour can be easily spotted from a distance, allowing the pumper crew to pre-plan their set up quickly and safely.  This is a very durable, highly visible, and easy to install product that all municipalities should consider.  Our thanks go out to B.M.R. Manufacturing Inc. for putting the safety of the citizens of Trent Hills, and our Firefighters, at the forefront.


Tim Blake

Fire Chief

Trent Hills

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